The PAX dream team

The PAX dream team We are small but mighty!!!! In a nutshell, there’s me, PAXmommy Jillian, along with PAXdaddy who takes care of the IT stuff that I have no clue how to fix, plus PAXmommy Melanie in Canada who is our blogess and Facebook maven! PAXmommy Christina... Read More

FANgirling Hi, it’s me! Jillian from PAXbaby; I have to tell you that this FANgirl thing is still so fresh & fun for me! Hehhee, I get so much joy from helping share the babywearing love, and when someone else recognizes that, it’s truly so amazing!... Read More
Being “mama” or “papa”

Being “mama” or “papa” I am not sure there is any job as exhausting and equally as rewarding as being a parent! I know that from sun up to sun down and beyond, PAXdaddy and I are at beck & call to the most amazing herd of children who each have something VERY important to... Read More
Handwoven ISO Angel

Handwoven ISO Angel Designed and woven just for our PAXretreat guests this last Fall, here is a gorgeous handwoven rainbow sure to pull on your heartstrings and make you say OOOOOH! Isn’t she gorgeous? Isn’t she wonderful? Thanks to Fairy River... Read More

Free Friday with PAXbaby a Rafflecopter giveaway Happy Free Friday!! One lucky winner this week will take home this extra adorable and stylish wrap scrap wrap around Sally bracelet! Keep a Sally keepsake close to you by wrapping this gorgeous bracelet around your... Read More
What’s this?

What’s this? Sally or Jack? Jack or Sally? Or is your love for both equally as passionate??? There have been quite a few rumors flying at PAXbaby’s Facebook page that Sally & Jack are making a comeback! The PAXmoms would like to officially confirm... Read More