If you have been a PAXfan for awhile, chances are you know how the ISO Angel works… however, for those of you who are brand new, we will explain the beautiful creature that is our ISO Angel.

When you hear the ISO Angel’s wings fluttering, IE. you see a post go up on FB or at PAXbaby’s blog you have a set time to “check out” with a listing. This listing is absolutely FREE, and counts as your ‘entry’. When the listing closes, our PAXmommies work hard to randomly select “winners” who are then invited to a private stocking where they can check out!

Paypal remains on, as we only have enough winners for carriers available.

We have had great success with our ISO Angel program, as there is never a chance for oversells, which leaves happier PAXfans!!!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


*happy babywearing*


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