The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs our support!

There is a lot happening in the small world of the babywearing industry at the moment. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the world. The BCIA works tirelessly to provide a voice for businesses, like PAXbaby, and consumers, like YOU, in the creation of this legislation.

The lobbying, the attorneys, traveling to ASTM meetings around the country, representing babywearers and the babywearing industry as a whole does not come cheaply and the BCIA is desperately in need of additional funds so that they can be sure the new standards protect both babywearing and babies!

To learn more about these regulations, please watch this short video:

Understanding Who’s Who in the World of Babywearing Regulations

We are urging all babywearers to consider a direct donation to the BCIA, in the form of membership. Join the BCIA here.

To show our support, in addition to our membership, PAXbaby is hosting an auction through Spot’s Corner, with all funds raised beyond the opening bid going directly to the BCIA.

What are we auctioning, you ask?

Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo


This beautiful Girasol Vice Versa *cream* Ring Sling and Slingyroo Bag! These aren’t just any VV, though! These are EXTRA SPECIAL! See that purple stripe, in between the yellow and orange? That’s a bonus stripe, and we all know that more purple is always better!

Bid on this beautiful pair over at Spot’s Corner, and do your part to support the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

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