Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe

Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe Do you need a boost to your milk supply? Do you love cookies?? Would you like to eat yummy cookies that will boost your milk supply? PAXmommy Celia has a DELICIOUS Lactation cookie PAXrecipe to share with all of our PAXfans!! Enjoy!! Gluten Free Vegan... Read More
Dying for a Jack Tula!?!

Dying for a Jack Tula!?! For the Halloween lovers and Nightmare enthusiasts, lament no longer; it is time for the Jack Tula stocking! Well, almost time! Enter PAXbaby’s ghoulishly spooky drawings to see if you will be chosen for Wednesday’s stocking –... Read More
EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!

EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs our support! There is a lot happening in the small world of the babywearing industry at the moment. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the... Read More

#babycate is WALKING! #babycate is officially WALKING! And falling! A LOT! Good thing my little one is a tough cookie because her little feet can’t keep up with her body!!! When did your baby take their first steps??? Were you happy? Relieved? Sad?... Read More
Shipping Update!

Shipping Update! Once in a while, the rainbow cogs at PAXbaby have to take a break to get oiled with unicorn tears and tightened up with a magical wrench! While PAXHQ is receiving a tune up, the PAXmoms are running wild and going to the happiest place on earth!!! If you... Read More
Austin Powers babywears!?!

Austin Powers babywears!?! Have well meaning relatives or nosy neighbor commented on your new luscious baby carrier or the number of packages arriving on your doorstep?!? Have you felt the need to say in a British accent, “It’s not mine, baby!!!” I think Austin... Read More
Sling Ring a ding ding!

Sling Ring a ding ding! Do you need / want / have to have a wrap conversion ring sling this very moment – actually 2 days ago? You have come to the right place because specializes in ring slings!!! Rainbow or patterned, stripes or solids, our gorgeous array of... Read More
Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Field Trips PAXmommy Celia has just begun homeschooling with her oldest child; the part they are excited about the most is FIELD TRIPS!!! They have already studied HISTORY at Disneyland with the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and SCIENCE at the Beach... Read More
Keep Calm …

Keep Calm … PAXmommy Mel is a week away from her “due date” with Baby #4, and has been receiving daily babywatch texts for the last two weeks already. How do you deal with the constant questioning??? Do you deactivate from Facebook until baby... Read More