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PAXmommy Brianna is wearing her  47 month,  41″,  36lb daughter Delia and her 17 month, 32″, 26lb daughter Corrina in the same, new Toddler Emeibaby!

If you were a fan of the standard/Baby sized Emeibaby, you will fall in love all over again with the new Toddler size!




Whereas the Baby/Standard size Emeibaby fits babies from birth to three, the Toddler is better suited for older babies, from 34″ (around one year) to around four years of age.

Easy to adjust and easy to use – with an Emeibaby you get a perfect fit every time! It combines everything you love about a soft structured carrier, AND a woven wrap in ONE.

As you can see from the diagram, the Toddler size has a longer and wider body panel, a longer hood, and a broader back panel and waistband.

If your toddler was comfortable in the baby size, just think about how much more cozy he will be in the toddler size… with room to grow!! I love that the body panel is so much longer, especially if you have a little leaner!!

Because the wrap is fastened only to the middle portion of the waistband, you can easily bunch the fabric in to get a smaller seat for a smaller toddler, or spread it out nice and wide to get a good wide seat for your bigger child.

Perfect knee to knee coverage and a deep seat every time.

This carrier often intimidates babywearers,  who think that it is a lot more complicated than it really is.

We promise you! It really is THAT simple. No need to adjust every time you wear it either.

Have you found the Emeibaby love yet??


*happy babywearing*


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