Cloth diaper users love to save a little money, and my favorite way to pinch a few pennies is by making my own wipe solution! This can be used for bum wipes, but isn’t just for bottoms, I use this economical solution to clean faces, counters, and toys!!! All you need is your favorite essential oil (I prefer lavender or lemon for #babycate,) and a peri bottle or nail polish remover pump bottle like you can see in my photos! Add water and your own cloth wipes and you are ready to go!

Step 2 : put 2-4 drops of essential oils into your bottle.

Step 2 : fill the bottle with water.

The last step is the easiest : use to clean everything and anyone who will hold still long enough to get wiped down and cleaned up! HAVE FUN!

*happy babywearing*

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