Have you ever wondered how various soft structured carriers compare, and if your one year old (++) will still be supported knee to knee?
PAXfriend Tara sampled a few different carriers at her local babywearing meetup, and put together this little collage for us.

For reference, her daughter is 16months old, 23lbs and 36.7″ long (90th percentile in height).

**Tula pictured above is a Toddler sized Tula**

Now, this is only an EXAMPLE, not every baby or babywearer is going to fit a carrier in the exact same way. This pictorial is only to give you a basic idea.

Although the Toddler Tula is a little big, really for Tara, it seems to be the better option for her tall one year old, if she is hoping to have a carrier for her little one to grow into!

Which carry do you love best for your little (or not so little) one?
When did you find they began to grow out of their Standard/baby sized SSC?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

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*happy babywearing*


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