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Did you receive a stretchy wrap, such as the Moby, from a friend at your baby shower but still have no idea how to use it???

PAXmommy Jillian demonstrates the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry with #babycate in a stretchy wrap!

There is nothing really quite like wrapping a newborn in a good quality stretchy wrap. Your squish will love being snuggled in  tight to your body  in the nice soft, stretchy material and you will love the feeling of their little breath on your chest.

I always find a good tip to remember with a stretchy wrap, is to pre-tie it on you, tighter than you think you need, almost so it feels too tight to be able to squeeze a baby in. 😉 Your baby should be up high under your chin, and close enough to kiss the top of their head.

Regular stretchy wraps are really best for babies 15lbs and under, though the Je Porte Mon Bebe and Wrapsody hybrid stretch wraps will last longer.

A lot of babywearers first started out babywearing with a stretchy wrap, and often call them “gateway carriers”. Was your first carrier a stretchy wrap?


*happy babywearing*

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