Have you ever used milk for anything other than food for your little one?

Did you know that breast milk can have healing properties?? Hey! It isn’t called liquid gold for nothing!!

This amazing article by Celin Childs breaks it all down for us:

“Human milk contains a balance of nutrients that perfectly matches infant requirements for brain development, growth and a healthy immune system. Human milk also contains immunologic agents and other compounds that act against viruses, bacteria, and parasites.”

So that means breast milk can not only help nourish your baby (and others if you donate), but it can benefit anyone else in your home suffering from anything from pink eye, to a sore  throat,  to a stuffed up nose, to cancer!

Feel ookie about actually squirting your milk onto someone? Have no fear!

You can always express into a sterile cup and use an eye dropper for application.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds!! Once you start reading up, and testing it out for yourself you will see that it really does works!

*happy babywearing*

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