All the Tula Baby Carriers are lovely, but there is something extra special about a Wrap Conversion Tula made from a beautiful woven wrap exclusive to PAXbaby!  You could even say that these baby carriers are so special & exciting that the opportunity to own one would make you squeeeeeee.  All you squeeeful babywearers, come now and comment here so I can hear the resounding echo of your SQUEEEEE!  I want to hear it loud & clear from everywhere that this gorgeous rainbow Tula would be loved, appreciated, and worn every single day without fail!

PAXfriend Amy B and her baby enjoying their own Vice Versa *cream* Tula!

Here is the drumroll, here is the lead up, here is the anticipation…..  This Tula Wrap Conversion is a Vice Versa *cream* FULL TODDLER that looks something like the photo shown above and costs $340.  If you don’t have the SQUEEEE for such a TULAlovely, please don’t enter!  If you don’t have the budget for such a TULAlovely, I have an array of colorful canvas Tulas that aren’t so pricey – let me show them to you here!  But if you have a baby who will fit well and you drool over rainbows & full wrap conversions, enter by commenting on this blog post! Write me a love note, but be sure to be signed into your account so I can access your email address!  A random winner will be emailed Thursday, and PayPal will need to be exchanged by midnight or a new recipient will be chosen!

Good luck!

*happy babywearing*

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