Front Wrap Cross Carry in a 100% cotton 4.6m Girasol twill weave Double Rainbow *black*

Woven Wraps 101: What do all those sizes mean?!

When you are brand new to babywearing and the world of woven wraps, there is just SOOOO much to learn! Weft… size… blend…wait, what the heck is a weft anyway? What’s the difference between a linen/bamboo blend and a hemp/cotton one? We will get to all of those, I promise, but really, the most important to learn, and yet, most confusing of all, is sizing!!  What size do you start with? How do you know which will be best??

The sizing below is based off of a base size of 6!
We will cover base sizes in more detail at the end of this post, so sit tight! For now, know that if you wear larger than a size 12 clothing, or if you are particularly busty, you may need to go up a wrap size for most carries. If you wear a size 4 or smaller in clothing, you’ll likely prefer a size down in your wrap, or you may find yourself with overwhelmingly long tails! (Tails are the left over portion that hangs down when you have finished tying off a carry).


** Here’s our little safety spiel **:

As you experiment please take utmost precaution with your baby!  Practice over a bed, have a spotter, and please do not attempt to back carry until you’ve mastered wrapping on your front AND  baby can sit unassisted! Practice really does make perfect, and some of these carries do take awhile to master. If you do not feel comfortable attempting a new carry with your baby, we recommend trying with a weighted doll, or a stuffed animal until you get the movements down.

And now, on to the fun part! 

Size 1: super shorty or rebozo length – 2.2m – this length is rarely produced, and as the name suggests, is REALLY short! A rebozo carry is really the only thing most people will be able to do with this length wrap. Most manufacturers do not offer a size 1.

Size 2: shorty – 2.6-2.8m – For an average sized wearer, this is where the fun starts! There are lots of carries that can be accomplished with a shorty!

  • Rebozo
  • RUB (Rucksack Carry Tied Under Bum)
  • Ruck TAS (Tied At Shoulder)
  • RRRR (Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck)
  • Double Rebozo
  • Half  JBC (Jordan’s Back Carry)
  • SBCC (Short Back Cross Carry)
  • SHC (Simple Hip Carry)
  • TC (Torso Carry)


Rebozo carry in a 3.2m Natibaby Classic Zebra in 30% hemp and 70% cotton

Size 3: long shorty – 3.1-3.2m – There’s a lot of versatility with a size 3, and this is the shortest length where most wearers can begin to pull off a two shoulder front carry. In addition to the size 2 carries, you will also be able to do:

  • Kangaroo
  • Semi FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry)
  • DHR (Double Hammock Rebozo)
  • HCC (Hip Cross Carry)
  • Poppin’s Hip Carry
  • SCC (Short Cross Carry)
  • Hip Kangaroo Carry
Size 4: mid length 3.6-3.7m – mid length wraps are great for back and hip carries! In addition to these, you’ll be able to do the carries listed under size 3 and some of the size 2 carries.
  • JBC (Jordan’s Back Carry)
  • DH TAS (Double Hammock Tied At Shoulder)
  • DH TUB (Double Hammock Tied Under Bum)
  • Ruck TIF (Rucksack Carry tied in front)
  • Reinforced Ruck
  • Robin’s Hip Carry
  • CHCC (Coolest Hip Cross Carry)
  • Half FWCC
  • BCC (Back Cross Carry)
5, 6, 7, and 8 are full length wraps, and many people will only use one of these sizes, called their “base size”. Which base size you use depends mostly on your clothing size. Most women who wear smaller than a size 6 clothing will use a size 5 (4.1-4.2m) as their base. The majority of wearers between a size 6 and size 12 clothing will use a size 6 (4.6-4.9m) wrap as their base, and most women who wear a size 14 or larger, and the majority of men, will use a size 7 (5.1-5.3m) as their base size. Large or very tall men, and women who wear a size 26 or larger clothing may find they prefer a size 8 (5.6-5.7m) wrap.
If you are especially busty, you may find that you need to go up a size, but as you become a more proficient wrapper, tighter passes and less slack will mean that you won’t need quite as much length.
Here’s where it gets a little tricky! Some wearers may find they like to size up or down for a particular carry, depending on their body type or the length of tail they prefer, but most wearers will be able to do these carries with their base size, and some of the size 4 carries, as well! (What size you prefer for these will come with practice, I promise!!)
  • Reinforced Ruck TT (Reinforced Rucksack Tied Tibetan)
  • SHBC (Secure High Back Carry)
  • BWCC (Back Wrap Cross Carry)
  • FCC (Front Cross Carry)
  • FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry)
  • PWCC (Pocket Wrap Cross Carry)
  • Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry
  • DH (Double Hammock)
  • Wiggleproof
  • DRS2S (Double Rebozo Shoulder To Shoulder)
  • Taiwanese

     Taiwanese Variation in a 4.2m Natibaby Zebra *grape* in 30% linen and 70% cotton

There is just SO much versatility with babywearing in a woven wrap, it can seem overwhelming at first… almost like learning a new language. So many terms, so many abbreviations, so many videos and tutorials. Not every carry will be your favorite, but there are sure to be at least a few that you fall in LOVE with. The carries we’ve listed are really just scratching the surface, there are many, many more!! By changing the way you tie off a carry, you can use a longer or shorter wrap, make a carry more supportive or even stop your toddler from popping their seat! Perhaps, now you can see why some people may have a veritable collection of woven wraps! There are SO many different patterns, blends, styles, and SIZES, who could choose just one?!
The key to becoming an awesome wrapper is to learn the basics, and get them down pat before moving on to anything more advanced. Ask your babywearing group leaders for assistance, participate in babywearing challenges, watch videos from reputable sources, and always, always, always put safety first. Remember that if you are stuck or confused, you can always email us photos at – we are happy to help you troubleshoot!!
Double Hammock in a 100% cotton 4.6m Girasol Corrina’s Rainbow *black*

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