Happy December, Merry Christmas, and helloooo, holiday card season!!!!  For those of you like me who are always planning their card photos last minute and with a great deal of hysteria, let these well prepared families inspire you to dress cute, find a great location, an awesome photographer, and always always always babywear to share the love with your loved ones all over the globe!

Kristy wore her Rock ‘n Roll KoKaDi wrap conversion ring sling for her family photos in Denver, CO!

Evonne celebrated a BIG family Thanksgiving and wore her littlest in her Girasol sling!

Daleen wore her 7 year old in a torso carry with her Storch woven wrap for her card last year!

Vera featured her older daughter wearing their new baby in front of their festive Christmas tree!

PAXmommy Susan planned her family’s outfits to match her Easycare Mini Rainbow wrap conversion ring sling!

*happy babywearing*

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