Avast, me mateys, our captain has returned from her adventure yonder, and brought back to the ship a map stolen from a band of seven tiny pirates.  With the help of her trustworthy parrot, Cate, our captain has decoded the map and has this clue for you : X marks the spot!  Find the X over the next couple days, and ye will then hold the key to the Treasure Chests.  A glittering mound of Natibaby, Girasol, KoKaDi, & Tula; how will ye choose which chest to open?  First expedition to find treasure leaves at around 10 am PST November 22!


Only dead men tell no tales, but I, your captain, will not reveal what lies inside….   A HTF woven wrap will make your thrill seeking heart pound; the other wrap included will bring from your lips a most un-piratey ***squeeee*** sound!



*Arrrrr, happy babywearing*

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