Being the youngest of seven children is really cool, right?

But being the lil’ sis of  FOUR older brothers is even more special.  I cannot wait to see how those big brothers treat this tiny little princess once she is walking and talking!  Playing and creating!  And imagining and pretending!  And then…..  Well, I cannot even think past the elementary school years, but you know where this is headed!

The first thing #babycate’s big brothers do when they get home from a class,  the park, or errands is to run upstairs to see us!

One brother has been warned not to kiss her so much; poor baby was getting sore cheeks from ALL his rough smooches!  Another brother has been asked to not to give her toys to hold anymore, as she is going to injure herself by accident.  Instead we have asked him to play with the toy FOR her, we will see how that works out haha!  Her oldest brother never remembers how cold his hands always seem to be, and he constantly startles her with his chilly fingers as he pets her hair, her arms, her toes!  Her fourth, and youngest, brother wants to hold her, but only for a moment so that just as she gets situated again he’s all done, buh-bye!

Each brother shows his love in a different way, but it is amazing to see exactly how much they all already adore their baby sister.  That love cannot be manufactured falsely; this is the real deal. It is 100% true sibling love and although their love first began to grow months ago,  it is so much easier for them to all show it now! Well, maybe the littlest brother does not realize how special it is to have a baby GIRL in the family, but his older brothers remember finding out that Baby #7 was going to be #babycate.  They were all so thrilled, and so far, their baby sister has been everything they had hoped for : sweet, happy, and makes Mommy smile!

*happy babywearing*

Thank you, Salt+Light Photography, for the gorgeous photo!

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