My seventh baby, #babycate, is 12 days old  today.  I promised myself while she was still baking in my belly that I would not mourn her milestones as I did with her big brother, Baby #6.  I would fight against the quicksand trap of being sad at each growth spurt and accomplishment.  Instead, I would revel in her developments and rejoice that each day she would be that much stronger!!!

Why do we have babies unless we want them to survive babyhood and become feisty toddlers, then cuddly preschoolers, curious children, and ambitious young people!  This focus on “losing” our babies once they start maturing is a heartbreaking and counter productive mentality.  Instead, join me in my mantra for this baby and all of your babies as well : “I can’t wait to see who YOU become!”  This is a healthy view of our children that will lead to less sadness as they grow, and more joy in the fact that they HAVE grown!  Let us pack away their infant clothes with happy tears, and let us mark their height on the wall with joyful smiles that our babies have had yet another growth spurt!  For as much as I adore the newborn phase and want to bottle Cate’s sweet breath to save for later, she WILL grow up, and I WILL not fall into the trap of bereaving my very much alive child.

Repeat with me “I can’t wait to see who YOU become!”

*happy babywearing*

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