Just before my Baby #4 turned ONE, back in 2007, I began a hobby in the form of a local shoppe in Santa Barbara, naming it PAXbaby. (PAX means PEACE in Latin!) As the ball got rolling, my little store with the tagline “Everything for Your Peaceful Baby” soon included a large array of baby carriers, and many other “crunchy” products. Two waterbirths later, PAXbaby became a “baby carrier superstore” where all the best babywearing was being taught, shared, loved, and TALKED about with a passion, and where previously hard-to-find high-quality baby carriers were being imported from Europe to meet the needs of a growing community! More recently, due to the ability of PAXbaby’s favorite woven wrap manufacturers to create custom design wraps, I am now able to fulfill my fantasy to be a “designer of rainbows,” and PAXbaby.com is internationally known for our amazing selection of exclusive wraps! In 2012, my wonderful husband quit his job and became the official work-at-home-PAXdaddy; so with my mom as our shipping manager and my husband running the behind the scenes show, PAXbaby, LLC has truly become a “family business!” Add to the mix NINE other WAHMs – the spectacular PAXmommies – and you can see how my little hobby store has blessed so many lives in so many ways.

Through the last 6 years of sharing the babywearing love, YOU have allowed me to stay at home with my family and to continue enjoying my hobby every day!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support!

PAXmommy Jillian

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