Congratulations!!! You *just* purchased your very first wrap!!

Now what??

Well… that is up to you. You could wear it first, or you could wash it, and start breaking it in.

Wash it?
But, HOW?!

**Disclaimer: We advise you to always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the care of any wrap, but this is how the PAXmommies wash their own personal wovens. **

First, check out the fiber content.

100% Cotton: cold wash, hang dry – or dry on low heat. Can be ironed on the ‘cotton’ setting.

Linen: Wash on cold, hang dry or dry on low/no heat. Responds well to steam iron, and softens with wet heat.

Bamboo:  Wash on cold, hang dry or lay flat.

Hemp: Wash on warm, dry on low/no heat, or take out of the dryer partially dry and steam iron.  (Softens faster with heat, but some shrinkage will occur).

Wool: Hand wash in bathtub, or sink with woolwash, in tepid water. Do not squeeze,  lay flat on dry towels and roll to get excess water out. Lay flat to dry.

Silk: Hand wash/machine wash gentle-delicate cycle, lay flat to dry. Avoid tumble-dry, avoid drying in direct sunlight (fading).

Ring Slings: You can wrap the metal rings, or throw the entire thing into a pillow case.

A few extra tips:

With all woven wraps you want to make sure that you  skip the fabric softeners which can lead to build up over time.

Most wraps are cut on the long side to allow for *some* shrinkage.

If you are worried about washing, drying and the like, it is probably best to stay with easy-to-to-care-for fibers.

The first time I wash a wrap, I tend to wash it on its own, or with a load of old towels JUST in case it the color bleeds.

All subsequent washes,  get treated as normal, and simply go in with the rest of my laundry, or all together in one happy rainbowy wash.

** You can always throw wool dryer balls into the dryer to help break in a wrap. The more the merrier!!**

Other ways that you can break in a wrap:

– wearing it

– braiding it

– hammock

– sleep on it

– sit on it

– wash it

– iron it

What does your washing routine look like?

**Please remember to ALWAYS read your woven wraps specific washing instructions, and that these are just the washing tips & tricks of the PAXmommies. **


*happy babywearing*


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