Who will be even MORE dependent on babywearing as another school year gets off to a start??

Whether you are walking your bigger children to school, or schooling your little ones right in your home, babywearing allows us to get it ALL done… and in style might I add.

How fabulous does Miss. Lise look in her Girasol Exclusive – Vice Versa?

(Thank you SO much for the sweet action photo!)

So, do tell, which carrier did *you* wear for the first day of school??

Your trusty Tula?

Your beautiful wrap conversion ring sling, with tails to the ground?

Or, a BRIGHT and cheery RAINBOW from Girasol??

Metamorphosis in Diamond Weave, anyone???

With all of the nerves and excitement in the air, we are wishing everyone a


Here’s to a fabulous start of the school/un-school/homeschool year!

*happy babywearing*



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