We did it!

Yesterday we, at, hit a HUGE milestone, thanks to YOU, PAXfans!

ALL 20,000 of you!!

Thank you for all of your love and support over the years.

Thank you for letting us spread the babywearing LOVE every day.

To celebrate YOU, we are planning a giveaway party that will make you *happy dance* & sing a little rainbow song!

The photo above is just a preview of a few of the goodies that will be sent out for FREE to our followers.

Will you be one of the lucky winners??

THANK YOU to Justa Wee Bab designs, Myrabeth, Sweet Squish, Lily & Gus, My Zen Baby, Sweet Pea Boutique, & Wearing is Caring for hosting!!!!!!

Keep spreading the love, friends!!

*happy babywearing*

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