The Moby Go.

The Scoop:

This ultra-affordable soft structured carrier by Moby, has been the topic of much conversation.

  • Wide shoulder straps continue the
    Moby Wrap tradition of superior comfort
  • Easy-to-reach side buckles
    adjust for the perfect fit
  • Cross-shoulder design
    evenly distributes weight
  • The carrier seat is designed to allow
    the correct support for baby
  • Unique dual foam waist belt provides
    comfortable support for parent
  • Perfect for babies 15 – 45lbs.  

Originally marketed as a front only carrier, like their popular line of stretchy wraps, the Moby Go was later safety tested for back carries.

However, the back carry is not for everyone. Moby suggests that it may take an extra set of hands to get it on, but if you don’t mind the cross in the front, it can be super comfortable!

Willing to try it out??

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*happy babywearing*



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