Does your local  babywearing group have a ‘Carry of the Week’, also known as a COTW??

Did you know that the PAXmommies have one?

A COTW is the perfect way to challenge yourself as a babywearer and try new things. It is SO easy to get stuck in a babywearing rut sometimes, and just use the same carry, and the same wrap.  There are multiple carries, multiple sized wraps, and SO many ways to wear your baby.

  Ask your babywearing leader about implementing a COTW at your next meet up!

One thing that is extremely important to remember, is to make sure that you always, always get the basics down BEFORE attempting any complex carries, and always try a new carry with a spotter, and/or over a soft surface.

The above photo is PAXmommy Jillian in a BB Slen Pineapple doing a Short cross carry with a sling ring.

Awesome carry for a short wrap!

What are YOUR favorite carries?

Experiment, and challenge each other!

Be safe, and have fun!


*happy babywearing*



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