Whether newly pregnant, or late in the game, belly binding is an awesome way to both show off a beautiful woven wrap ( or ring sling), AND provide your belly with some much needed extra support.

A bump can be heavy to carry around 24/7 and even painful at times,  so this can be an awesome way to give your pelvis a break , while breaking in a new carrier at the same time.

Do not have a ring sling yet?

PAXbaby has your back… err your bump.

Pick up a ready-made wrap conversion ring sling today, and show off that beautiful belly!

Have a wrap conversion ring sling but don’t know how to belly bind?
Simply step into your sling, pull it up around your body, and cinch in strand by strange until you feel your WCRS tight against your tummy/hips.  You then can leave the tails flowing behind you, or wrap them around you again and tuck into the top rail.

Play around until you find what works for you! I prefer my tails tucked in for added support.


*happy babywearing*



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