paxbaby‘s FREE FRIDAY giveaway, hosted by Nursies When the Sun Shines – Nightweaning Book, is a wonderfully written book all about night weaning!!

Have you been curious about night weaning but don’t know where to start or how to introduce it to your little one??

Well, then this giveaway is just for YOU!

This amazing book features “beautiful watercolor illustrations and a sweet, lulling verse help young children understand the concept of night and day,” and that *nursies* are special and used for day time!

I don’t know about other mamas, but I am exhausted nursing two babies throughout the night! I think I need this book for my 2.5 year old!  What an excellent, loving way to help her learn that she is still *so*special, and that milk will still be there for her when she wakes up.

This awesome giveaway is FREE FOR SHIPPING for the 1 lucky winner chosen tonight after bedtime! Please enter and share the love!


Happy night weaning


*happy babywearing*


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