Q:  Soo PAXmommy B, you went somewhere pretty special the other day, can you tell me where you went?

PAXmommy Brianna: I went to the San Diego American Red Cross WIC office to start a carrier lending library for local breastfeeding moms who receive WIC assistance.

Q: Can you tell me a little about WIC, what does it stand for?

 PAXmommy Brianna: WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children, and is a program that offers supplemental food vouchers, nutrition counseling, and FREE breastfeeding assistance and support for low income mothers and their children.

Q:  I heard that Boba donated wraps, and carriers for this cause? Can you tell me what they will be used for? And how many?? WOW, three cheers for Boba!

PAXmommy Brianna: Yes! PAXbaby loves to help whenever we can, and Boba generously matches our donations, carrier for carrier, which doubles the number of families we can spread the babywearing love to! We donated 20 Boba Wraps and Boba Carriers to get them started, and are working to get them additional carriers, too! These carriers will be available for breastfeeding moms who receive WIC to check out from the office on University Ave in San Diego, and we hope to extend the library to other local offices, as well!

Q:  I love that you are such an awesome advocate for breast feeding and babywearing. How did you get involved with WIC?

PAXmommy Brianna: Awww, thanks! Breastfeeding and babywearing are SO, SO important to me, and WIC is an organization that’s close to my heart. We received WIC assistance during and after my pregnancy with Baby #1, when my partner and I both lost our jobs. The breastfeeding counselors were tremendously helpful, and got me a hospital grade breast pump to use when I needed to exclusively pump for a time. I’m really thrilled to be able to give back to an organization that helped me in a time of need.

Q: How can I donate to this cause?

PAXmommy Brianna:  Stay tuned for further info, because PAXbaby is working on ways to bring this program to WIC offices around the country! For now, if you’re in southern California, or live elsewhere, but would like to mail a new or used carrier to donate, email me at!


PAXmommy Brianna will continue to  support WIC, by giving back and volunteering her time, to help mothers there learn about the benefits of babywearing and breastfeeding.



*happy babywearing*


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