Oh how many minutes/hours/days are spent dreaming of wearing your future squish when you are pregnant?

Ahh, to feel their heart beating against yours, their breath sweet on your chest, their tiny coos … and oh, that newborn smell.

The anticipation is second to none.

Wrap your little squish in a wrap as soft as they are, ok not AS soft as they are, but close to it.

Choose from an array of beautiful, soft, snuggly and supportive stretchy wraps for your newborn:

What better way to hold your precious new one “close enough to kiss” than snuggled up close to you in one of these amazing beauties from

 Boba, Moby® Wrap, Anaju, Je Porte Mon Bébé (jpmbb), or Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier


*happy babywearing*


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