One question we get a lot on’s facebook wall is,


“What is the difference between the SMALL and the LARGE Girasol Tote bag?”


The *small* Tote Bag is approximately 11 inches x 11 inches with a 40-inch strap, whereas the *large* Tote Bag is approximately 17 inches x 17 inches with a 44 inch strap.

However, numbers are sometimes hard to visualize…soooo…

Thanks to our PAXphotographer we have an ACTION shot now to highlight the differences:




A Girasol Tote is the perfect way to wear your favorite wrap ALL the time, whilst babywearing, or not!

I tend to wear my bag cross-body, under my ring sling or wrap where it is out of my baby’s face, but easily accessed.

I absolutely love the wider strap which  makes the bag comfortable on your shoulders, and helps spread the weight of your bag more evenly.

When your babywearing days are done, you can wear your wrap bag and remember how you used to wear your little one close. Ahhh memories.
A great way to commemorate your very first Girasol wrap.


Choose from a few awesome in-stock Girasol Tote Bags here:

Now the big question, do you choose one to match a wrap you currently own, or go with another so you can rock multiple wrap designs or wefts at once?

And what size?

So many decisions.

Good luck!


*happy babywearing*


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