Spring is here, and with Spring comes green grass, blue skies, sunshine



A lot of us are screaming FINALLY!!
It has been a LONG Winter.



What are your “go-to” carriers for warm days?

What about those HOT and sweaty  days?

Some of PAXbaby.com’s favorites for those types of days are carriers in which you can do single layer carries in.

Wrap conversion ring slings (WCRS),  mesh water slings for the pool, shower or beach, and shorties.

The last thing you want on a smokin’ hot day is a ton of fabric wrapped around you and your baby. Double hammocks are definitely out of the question, that’s for sure!!

**Remember if you are using a mesh water sling, that because of its slippery nature, it is not recommended for any sort of back carry. **



So throw your baby up in a quick ruck or simply grab your favorite ring sling and head out into that beautiful sunshine.

PAXmommy Brianna’s favorite hot weather tip is to place one of those gel cold packs (wrapped in a thin towel) between you and your baby for about 20minutes on and off while wearing.

Make sure to not place ice or wet towels directly ON your little one, as this can do more harm than good. If you are going to use cold packs, cold towels etc. make sure that you remember to apply these for short periods of time only.


*happy babywearing*


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