xela’s rainbow


Raise your hand if you have been waiting for Girasol’s Xela’s Rainbow??

I know I have.

Xela’s Rainbow has been in production for over 9 months!

  Having waited for it longer than waiting for a new baby, PAXbaby is ULTRA proud now to offer to you this gorgeous Girasol complete in Diamond Weave and 2 wefts!

Xela’s Rainbow was designed by a babywearing mom named Jamie and named after her son, Alex, hence “Xela” which is Alex backwards!

Rainbow stripes separated by bronze stripes result in one of the most well loved Gira rainbows in babywearing history!



QUICK, like a bunny!!

Run to get your very own XELA wrap conversion ring sling piece:


You can be just this adorable in your Girasol Wrap Conversion Ring Sling by ordering your length of woven wrap & placing your order at Sleeping Baby Productions.
PAXbaby will send the right length to SBP, who will take your piece of wrap and sew it to your specifications!
This is the easiest way to get a custom Ring Sling from a Woven Wrap that you will treasure forever!
Wearing baby tummy to tummy, on your hip, on your back, or with your rings on your back — the options with a supportive, quality ring sling are endless, and breastfeeding is always easy and functional with the sling tail acting as a built in nursing cover up!
Visit PAXbaby’s You Tube channel for Ring Sling video tutorials.  Choose your favorite Girasol, and enjoy wearing your little one in this comfortable Ring Sling slingified just for you!
I cannot wait to start seeing the XELA action shots come rolling in!!

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