Daddy Babywearing


Do you have a babywearing Significant Other? Father? Uncle? Friend?

Are YOU a babywearing daddy? Grandpa? Uncle? Friend?

PAXdaddy has a few favorite carriers of his own.


Nothing says manly more than camouflage, right??

The men in your life will be more than happy to wear this ultra daddy friendly carrier from Boba.


If you are a facebook follower, you will KNOW that PAXdaddy loves his Marley WCRS.

If rainbows are too “girly”, try adding a yellow or black weft Marley into your stash.


Here, Baby #6 peeks out from behind PAXdaddy as he goes for a ride in an Onya Outback carrier as they serenade PAXmommy Jillian.

This cool carrier also can double as a highchair whilst you are out and about!


While some men prefer SSCs others go right for wraps.
What does the babywearing man in your life wear??

Does he have a stash of his own?

Spill the beans, we’d love to hear all about it!!

*happy babywearing*

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