Have you ever looked at a beautiful exclusive wrap and wondered what was the reasoning behind the design?

Natibaby created these three beauties and we have the low-down on the creative process behind them.

Firstly, the highly sought after and amazing Natibaby Milky Way.


The designer, Frangipani, created Milky Way because she was looking for a unique and beautiful way to express her home country of Australia… in wrap form.  Frangipani lives directly under the milky way in a place where, as she says,

“the night sky is so clear and magical, and the milky way of stars up there will always be a symbol of home to me.”

Gorgeous.  Now whenever you see the luscious Natibaby Milky Way, you too can dream of Australia.


Secondly, we have the Natibaby Luna.


Luna was designed by Gea van Diest, who is the owner of Ooiebeest. This rich purple and turquoise wrap was inspired by the moon, and traditional Celtic designs and patterns.


Lastly, we have Ooga.


Ooga is the result of a late night design session for PAXmommy Jillian combined with her four year old son’s love for monsters!! These little guys are spirited and fun, but never mean and scary!

There you have it! A little background on a few of’s favorite new woven wraps from Natibaby.

*happy babywearing*

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