Feeling frustrated at the long line ups for conversions these days?

Check out these awesome ready made WCMT (wrap conversion meh dais) by Hoppediz –Hop-Tye.

It is a light weight, and very compact carrier, but has all the same great features of the bulkier WCMT! The basic design of the Hop-Tye by Hoppediz is a mai tai but it also features an adjustable base and a headrest! This comfy carrier can be used even with very young babies due to this adjustable base from 15.5 inches down to 8 inches!!! Each Hop-Tye has a rollable hood that can be used as a headrest only if only 1 side is buttoned up; extra-wide shoulder straps that can be fanned out wide over the wearer’s shoulder; padded waist straps for ideal comfort; and a drawstring for easy adjustment in top of the panel as well.
The Hop-Tye are made from 100% cotton in India and a great carrier for every babywearer!

*happy babywearing*

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