Anyone receive money for Christmas and at a loss as to what to spend it on?
You can never go wrong with an awesome Wrap Conversion Ring Sling.

Every babywearer knows that a great  WCRS is definitely a staple in any stash.

Easy to fold up and toss into your purse, diaper bag, or car, and throw on in a hurry.

Perfect for nursing on the go.

Wrap Conversion Ring Slings are not only functional and practical, but they look beautiful on, too. I absolutely love having a long tail of rainbows trailing behind me and my babe. No matter what I am wearing, my WCRS always makes me feel beautiful and “fancy”.

Choose from a few in-stock  ready-made WCRS


create your own delicious WCRS  from the ring sling pieces available.

Wrap Conversion Ring slings are great for your newborn squishy, or your active toddler!

The perfect carrier for every day life.

PAXmommy approved.

*happy babywearing*


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