You have never played a crossword puzzle quite like this before!!  Chock-a-block full of PAXbaby trivia, can YOU solve the PAXpuzzle!?!  Think hard, and when you have completed the exercise in brain stretching, email me a photo or send me the saved image so you can be entered into PAXbaby’s weekly drawing for a PAXprize!!!  Have fun, enjoy your Sunday,

* happy babywearing*
PAXbaby.comPAXbaby puzzle


2. Carrier with rings
5. Name of the Beco slip covers
7. Years PAXbaby is old!
8. Children in the PAXbaby herd
9. Position for nursing on the go
11. Organic wrap brand at PAXbaby
12. Create a custom carrier at PAXbaby

1. New Boba Carrier
2. A brand of linen & silk ring slings
3. PAXbaby #6
4. PAXbaby mom
6. PAXmama’s baby carrier fetish right now
10. Organic baby carrier brand made in SoCal
*happy babywearing*

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