Who wants to learn more about the amazing talent BEHIND Casa Rabasa??

Introducing the lovely, and most skilled Maya Rabasa.

M: You make such gorgeous pieces, what got you into creating jewelry?

MR:  I have always been surrounded by women who love jewelry. Many of the pieces I wear have been passed down 4-5 generations. My grandmother inspired a love of gemstones, while my mother sparked my passion for all things handmade. The combination of these two interests brought me to jewelry making.

M: Do you have to feel inspired to create something new?

MR:  Making things by hand is similar to writing. While there are many times i sit down to make something because i have been inspired, I also find myself inspired through the act of creating. Because i can find myself inspired simply by clearing my space, selecting beads, and beginning to string, I find it necessary to fold handwork into my normal routine. This way, I am not limited to only creating when the inspiration hits. And since the act of creating inspires me, I can use this inspiration to dream up new concepts and designs for my next work session. It makes for a wonderful snowball effect.

M: Do you have a favorite piece? If so can you tell us about it, and why you love it?

MR:  My favorite piece of jewelry is a string of chunky, bright blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise. This necklace is not only beautiful, it helps me hold my grandmother close. Before being restrung to showcase their simple beauty, the exquisite turquoise beads originally come from an antique necklace that was part of my grandmother’s collection of jewelry.

M: How long have you been creating for?

MR: I began making jewelry in 8th grade, 25 years ago. I started with single strands of African trading beads, along with simple earrings, and quickly moved on to knotting pearls. I have been focusing on knotting gemstones, pearls, amber, and silver beads ever since.

M: Do you ever match your jewelry to your clothes/carriers?

MR: I always match my jewelry to my clothing and my carriers. I tend towards the same colors in both clothing and carriers — I love turquoise and orange and always start with a foundation of black — so this makes it easier for me. but I would rather be naked on the neck, ears, and wrists than not match. This is one of the reasons I love baby wearing with woven wraps. There are so many beautiful wraps and each one I see inspires a new vision of gemstones dancing on silk. One thing I am not short of is inspiration for jewelry that partners well with woven wraps.

M: If you could design a necklace for someone famous, who would it be for and what would it look like??

MR: Frida Kahlo. It would be made of outrageous, huge, bright blue turquoise and bold red coral, highlighting silver from Taxco, Mexico. And it would be made of many, many loose strands, creating a cascading effect.

Frida Kahlo

Thank you SO much for playing with us Maya!

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*happy babywearing*

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