It is so interesting to me to watch the evolution of today’s babywearing culture!  A few years ago, there were a handful of known baby carrier brands, and now look at all the choices!!!  Celebrities wear their babies, government officials wear their babies, and regular everyday parents wear their babies!  Babywearing is no longer limited to granola eating, Birkenstock wearing moms, although I give credit to my mom for starting the baby carrier come back in the 80s while wearing long skirts and peasant blouses!  I know that here in Southern California, wearing your baby in a carrier is not only acceptable in mainstream society but also commended by doctors, midwives, and chiropractors!  However, for those of you who are the ONLY babywearers you  have ever seen or met, more BWing power to you! It must be hard to be the ONLY one!

Just like in our world, there are only a few species of animals in the wild who carry their babies! No wonder  the Kangaroo and the Koala are considered to be babywearing mascots!!!!  The thought that those animals have built in slings is just too adorable!!  This onesie from Old Navy seemed especially pertinent for our babyworn little ones!  “I {heart} hanging out with mom”  Oh too cute!!!

PAXbaby babywearing koala blog post

And a shout out to the amazing wildlife we saw while traveling, living, and babywearing in Australia, here is a photograph of a  happy baby carrying koala mama and her little one that my husband spotted as we sped down the freeway (on the left side of course!)  We pulled over to take her picture, and then her baby crawled around from the side to surprise us!

PAXbaby babywearing koala blog

*happy babywearing*

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