Is it just me, or do memories fade really quickly?  Thank goodness for pictures, or I would have forgotten a lot of the sweet moments of my children’s busy busy life!

These photos are from a great day that my husband and I took our (then only) 3 children to the Butterfly Preserve to see the monarchs!  We had a fabulous time even though we only saw a few butterflies – turns out it was the wrong season, oops!  I can recall now (thanks to the pix) the earthy smell of the eucalyptus trees, the peaceful picnic we had while sitting on stumps, wearing Baby #3 in a Ring Sling, Baby #2’s butterfly shoes, and the great nap all 3 kids had after our “hike!”

Babywearing family PAXbaby

PAXbaby Babywearing Girls

*happy babywearing*

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