You know I have an opinion about a great many things babywearing, however ring sling shoulders is 1 thing where I do not have a preference!  Gathered, pleated, folded, it makes no difference to me!  They are all comfortable and wonderful.  Perhaps that is the “Rings on the Back” speaking, but wrap conversion ring slings are just so comfy, that I have no complaints! This picture is the perfect illustration though of how the wraps themselves look better with a certain shoulder!  I think that the solids or lowkey designs are classy and beautiful with a folded shoulder like Babylonia’s BB Sling!  The wide chunky stripes of Frigga and other similar colorways look great in the wide gathered shoulder from Girasol.  And Earthy Rainbow’s skinny stripes and those on other rainbow wraps  jump out when pleated in the traditional SBP style!!!  For every babywearer, there is a style – what’s your favorite?

PAXbaby wrap conversion ring sling shoulder styles sbp wcrs babylonia bb sling girasol pleats pleated gathered folded

*happy babywearing*

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