Girasol woven wraps are the perfect fit for all in the world of baby wearing! Each is a superbly loomed unique work of art, created by hand, and is the quintessential piece of babywearing schwag that every babywearer wants to have in their stash.  There are very few wraps sold today that are handwoven, which makes the Girasol both highly sought after and hard to come by. There is always a finite number of each colorway produced, many of them exclusive to a particular retailer or limited timeframe.

Because of the hand weaving technique, these wraps frequently have small flaws like small knots, yarn pulls, or short pieces of yarn – these irregularities do not effect the safety of the wrap. Unlike other industrialized looming styles, Girasols are not created with threads that are “never-ending.” There may be some short yarn pieces sticking out of the fabric; those pieces are not broken threads but simply unfinished ends of yarn at the place where the old yarn stops and the new one starts. These irregularities show more easily on those designs which have a weft color that differs greatly from the loom stripe colors. Below are a few examples of common flaws.

Girasol woven wraps are loomed in the mountains of Guatemala, using traditional methods unique to the Mayan Indians. They are all created on a total 0f 14 looms owned and operated by the family business of Pedro Alba in an area of Guatemala that is very difficult to access by outsiders. Would you be surprised to know that most of the weavers are men? One of these men can produce as much as 20 meters of fabric a day, but at this time, there is only one artist who can create the delicate diamond weave pattern!!!

THANK YOU for learning with PAXbaby more about the background of hand woven wraps and for giving these wraps the respect they deserve as hand made, wearable art pieces!

We love Girasol for their amazing exclusives, bright rainbows, airy diamond weaves and support over the years!

We cannot WAIT to see what they come up with next.

*happy babywearing*


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