Over hill, over dale, from overseas comes a Soft Structured Carrier so detail oriented, so planned & precise, you know these baby carriers are something special.  The Manduca may have a high price tag, but 5 minutes in this buckle carrier, and you will be in love!  What did the creator of the Manduca NOT think of when designing this carrier????  Well fitting hood which disappears into a secret pocket, expandable front panel to fit wee ones through toddlers with a simple ziiiiip, an integrated infant insert to help keep newborns maintain the proper M positioning, crossable shoulder straps, organic fabrics…..  The list continues, but I know you have stopped listening and started planning how to get your hands on one of these beauties!  I will tell you how!  Due to restrictions on reselling Manducas, PAXbaby cannot sell new Manducas in the USA, however if you are open to buying a Previously Loved carrier, please do let me know because I do receive back carriers from time to time.  For Canadian or overseas babywearers, shop through this link and never look back – the Manduca is the NICEST buckle carrier on the market!

*happy babywearing*

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