In the babywearing world, there is a term that we use for a carrier that is realllllly hard to find or wanted, and that is “unicorn” !!!  For myself and for many babywearers, that is the OCAH!!!  the Ocah is a wrap conversion carrier dreamed and designed by Kerry & Claire in England (NOT Ireland!!!)  meh dais, Half Buckles, Full Buckles (aka Soft Structured Carrier), & Pods all come from the Ocah headquarters!!!  PAXbaby is bursting with pride to be Ocah’s USA retailer and to be revealing a handful of one of a kind carriers manufactured just for your favorite baby carrier superstore!!!!  Those carriers will be revealed later in the month, but for now, thank you for your applause & support for the tandem WAHM efforts of Kerry Ocah and PAXmommy Jillian!!!

When asked what Kerry’s first wrap was that she converted, she said :

“First wrap that I chopped, a BN size 7 Red and White Indio.  It was a travelling carrier for a while before being bought by a mama who dyed it bright Orange! I still miss that carrier…”

Can you just imagine Kerry’s sewing machine whizzzzing along as she listens to her favorite music?? Music inspires her and she says, “I mainly listen to the radio as I work but if that starts to bug me I listen to music on my iPad, though as you can imagine with my sewing machine working it gets  little noisy.”

As for her favorite colors, she is at home with any color of the rainbow!!!  “I like different colours at different times and for different situations.  Personally I like earthy tones, oh and Navy Blue ! At home I like to have rainbow accents and at my studio too, but I am equally happy with the peacefulness of white.”

PAXbaby Ocah

*happy babywearing*

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