What does a babyworn baby look like?  He looks precious, and sweet, and mellow!  How could he be anything but after being worn for hours every day since birth!  His needs are met, his heart is happy; he has no sadness, no worries, no stress!  When he is hungry, he is fed.  When he is tired, he sleeps.  Not worth fighting against his internal clock, he is not expected to nap at the same time every day nor wake up at the same time.  His natural rhythms are used as a guide, and he flows through his life instead of having life churn against him.  A babyworn baby is all too soon too big to wear, but he will forever feel the love and support that held him in a sling as he grows and blooms into the independent, strong person he is destined to be with a past like his.

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Hold your baby, it will not spoil him!

Wear your baby, you won’t look back and wish you hadn’t!

Cuddle, snuggle, & soak up the soft touches returned to you, so quickly he will have callouses on his hands from the playground and stinky boy feet!

You let your baby sleep in your bed?  Of course you do, because he’ll be asking for his own race car bed in an instant!

You let your baby nurse while you eat your dinner, avoiding dropping bits of food in his hair and keeping his fingers out of your mouth?  Of course you do, because soon he’ll be tying on an apron and asking how he can help prepare supper!

You take your shower while holding your baby because he doesn’t like to sit on the tile and get sprinkled on?  Of course you do, because it’s 5 more minutes you can spend with him before he is closing and locking the bathroom door!

Babyhood is fleeting and the best way to enjoy it is to be there, loving every minute, and never ever regret the holding, wearing, cuddling!

*happy babywearing*

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