Diamond Rainbows come in twos
Twin wefts and lovely hues
From Europe in 10 weeks
For you and me and baby to keep!

Announcing the first weaving EVER of Earthy Rainbow & Northern Lights as Diamond Weave Girasols!!!!  The Diamond Weave is known for being more supportive than the standard weave and adds an extra shimmer to the rainbow design!  If you already own an ER or a NL, it may be time to upgrade to Version 2.0 as your baby gets heavier, and if you are new to the Girasol rainbow world, jump right in with one of these lovelies!!  Earthy has a Red weft, and Northern Lights is the same rainbow design with a Purple Weft!!!

We don’t have pictures yet since these Girasol woven wraps have not yet been woven, but you can imagine how beautiful they will be!!!  Here are Earthy Rainbow and Northern Lights on the left, with the 2 existing Girasol Rainbows in Diamond Weave!!!  Reserve yours now by ordering here!!!

PAXbaby Girasol wraps Earthy Rainbow Northern Lights diamond weave

*happy babywearing*

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