PAXbaby is so excited to be re-releasing a beloved Girasol colorway designed by Megan and named for her son, Carson.  This is Carson’s Cove, a summery striped Girasol wrap, woven as a diamond weave, perfect for strolling on the beach with your baby on your back or hiking in the Redwood forest with your favorite friend!  The diamond weave gives the Girasol wraps extra sturdy support so this is the perfect way to tote an older or heavier baby.  Carson’s Cove features bright stripes of lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green, ocean blue, sky blue and is being offered in 2 popular wefts : Puff cream and Ocean blue.
Watch these swatches come to life when the diamond weave is added!  It has been said that the method of weaving in the diamond pattern adds a certain shimmer!!!  It’s hard to say which weft is going to be more spectacular so get your order in now and wait *patiently* with me until April when Carson’s Cove arrives at PAXbaby headquarters!!
Please feast your eyes on Carson’s Cove offered in 2 different wefts : Puff cream & Ocean blue!  Aren’t they cute????
PAXbaby Girasol Carson's Cove crema cream puff weft
PAXbaby Suggestion : Carson’s Cove is being offered in the Diamond Weave in 2 wefts in limited amounts at this time!  If you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact us!  We have a Woven Wrap specialist who can walk you through the process of ordering your Woven Wrap!  Perhaps PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap guide can answer a few questions, and this list of carrying positions will be quite handy to you as you choose your wrap!

*happy babywearing*

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