Meet Marley, the rasta wrap brought to you by Girasol, to wear and enjoy every day…


“I wanna love you and treat you right
I wanna love you every day and every night”


Introducing Girasol woven wrap, Marley, in both the standard yellow weft as well as the new black weft!!!!  Make sure to choose which weft you’d prefer!  Pre orders for Marley are open until February 8 at which time Marley will go into production at Girasol headquarters and become a reality in April!  Half now, half later makes Marley easy to add to your growing collection of Girasol woven wraps!!!

Designed by a fellow native Californian, Marley was brought to life by Maya, a self proclaimed Bob Marley fan who gathered inspiration from a few places….  “I was just getting into skinny stripes as well as rainbows and wanted to see what I could do with tthem! Before it was Marley, it was a bunch of different “rasta rainbows” until I settled on what I thought was the perfect one!  I also used my (now ex) husband as inspiration. I wanted something that was unisex/daddy friendly but not a normal daddy carrier. When I think of daddy carriers, I think of dark solid colors, or stripes/color blocking, but not bright and fun.”   And so, Marley was born, giving a new rocking spin on babywearing!

*happy babywearing*

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