Just when you start to think you’ve “BTDT” for all things under the parenting sun, a new trick sneaks up on you and you find yourself once again diving into Google for reference, calling your friends who are in the know, and resorting to good old fashioned prayer that you will know how to handle the situation by keeping baby’s needs first & foremost.  The questions of normalcy come into play, is this a common enough ailment to not stress about, is this a normal problem that will right itself with time & patience, or is this situation not only new to you but also severe enough to worry about and seek help.  The questions of responsibility come into play, although you do NOT want to go to the hospital, is it best for baby to get medical assistance, although you do NOT want to see baby in pain, is it more responsible to treat the condition homeopathically than with a medical plan.  With each child comes a new set of worries, yet not without reward, just think of all the knowledge that is gained with each new baby.  With whatever issue comes, you suddenly become an expert in the field of ______.  Impressing even yourself with the depth of research you are capable of in just a few short days, you develop a great interest in other children & families who have persevered through the same hardship, and find that a bond can be made more easily with a parent of a child with a similar problem.  Whether it may be a chromosomal issue, physical debilitation, emotional delay…  you are reminded again why your child was entrusted to your care, because you are the best parent for the job.

My love goes out to all parents who have suffered by watching their child in pain, physically or emotionally, and truly, what parent has not!  ((((hugs))))

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*happy babywearing*

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