My goodness, what don’t I love about these pictures!!!!  We had such a sweet afternoon today, and these pictures show exactly how much Baby #5 loves his little brother!  My heart is melting……

PAXbaby Back carry girasol amitola

I love Baby #6’s sleepy face.

I love the colors in the Girasol Amitola woven wrap – coming soon to PAXbaby!

I love Baby #5’s fireman hat – he even wears it to the pool!

I love Baby #5 holding Baby #6’s foot.

I love my new rosette headband that PAXdaddy gave me for Christmas!

I love the green baskets in the background that hold my lovely stash of cloth diapers.

And most of all, I LOVE BABYWEARING!!!!!

PAXbaby back carry girasol amitola

*happy babywearing*

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