… the delivery of PAXbaby’s Girasol Woven Wraps!  Are you ready to get merry with some rainbows?  Earthy Rainbow & his big brother, Northern Lights, have arrived just in time to get slingified and tucked into your Christmas stocking!  You can pretend that you are surprised on Christmas morning, but the truth is you haven’t stopped thinking about your Girasol wrap since you hinted to your husband – aka cut & paste the url in his email at least 10 times the last week!  Your choice of length, shoulder style, and ring color make these Girasol Ring Slings 100% your style!!!!  Have a very merry & very wrappy Christmas, and don’t forget to mention to your husband that you’d like to have a rainbow PAXpuffy Christmas ornament as well!

PAXbaby Girasol woven wrap Earthy Rainbow Northern Lights

*happy babywearing*

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