A hilarious babywearing timeline by Caitlin:

March 2011- Babies R Us

We’re registering for our baby shower. My boyfriend walks by the carriers section. This is what follows:

Him: I want a baby backpack. Like The HangoverPicks up Moby, looks it over, and hands it to me. This is weird. How do people hold babies with fabric?
Me: I don’t know. It’s one of those hippie mom things. Put it back. What backpack do you want?
Him: Shrug. How about this Infantino one? It’s cheaper than those Bjorns.
Me: Fine.
Bar Code Gun: Beep.

August 2011- The K Household

Me: There’s a woven wrap on sale for $90! Can I get it?
Him: Don’t you have a lot of carriers already?
Me: I have a ring sling and a meh dai but that’s for quicker trips and they’re a little harder with a newborn. And I have the Moby, which is great for now but I need a woven for when she’s older and heavier.
HimShrug. Get what you want. I’m still mad you threw my backpack in the dumpster.
Me: Infantino stinks.

So what changed my tune in five short months?

I had my darling baby girl in early July. The first time we ran errands alone I was lost. The stroller bottom suddenly looked very, very small. Car seats aren’t safe on the top of carts and putting a giant bucket seat inside the cart doesn’t afford you very much room either. How was I supposed to shop? Then, while I was at BRU supposedly buying diapers with one of our gift cards, I picked up a Moby. I turned it over and read the directions. Too complicated. I put it back. I remembered we had the Infantino backpack but the size limit started at 8 lbs, and Baby K was a petite 6 lbs 11 oz at birth, and an even smaller 6.3 at discharge. At the time, she was well under the limit. I picked up the Moby again and concentrated on the directions. I’d seen people do it. I was college educated. I could fold some fabric and hold my baby. I put it back again. Wearing your baby was for crunchy mamas. I wanted to raise an independent baby, one that would walk and not demand to be carried everywhere, one that would fall asleep without be strapped to me. No, I’d have to find a different way then babywearing to shop. I didn’t want people to stare at me like I was a weirdo.

I went to the diaper aisle. They were out of our brand in the size box we buy, and the only option was the bigger box. That wasn’t an option because I didn’t have anywhere to put it. I was suffering from a bit of the baby blues, a bit of the insanity of parenting a baby with colic, and a bit of the punch drunk of not sleeping,  Now I couldn’t even provide diapers for my kid. I bought the Moby. People were already staring at me like a weirdo for sobbing next to the Pampers anyway.

I’ve never done drugs so I don’t really understand the concept of a gateway drug, but if it’s anything like a gateway carrier, then I completely get it. The minute I put Baby K into her wrap she quieted down and became almost pleasant. If anyone reading this has a baby with colic, you know how precious those quiet moments are. I wanted more of this, stat. In my frenzied babywearing research, I came across the PAXbaby website. It answered so many of the questions I had. I love the wrap but I wanted something a little quicker to learn with a bit less of a curve. I got my first ring sling. I didn’t care for it at first, but PAXbaby to the rescue with the backwards RS carry. I acquired a meh dai that both Baby K and I looooove. I got a woven (and then another one). I googled until I understood what my options were, and I wanted to try them all. I threw the Infantino in the dumpster, much to the chagrin of Mr. K.

Now, three months after the birth of my daughter, I actually have a good, safe babywearing stash built up. I did feel bad about throwing away Mr. K’s carrier, so I commissioned a custom BBII from PAXbaby and I’m convinced that will be his gateway carrier. Of course, I chose the fabric for myself, but he can totally share it. People don’t look at me strangely. They smile at me and my happy baby. They ask me questions. They wish they’d done it for their babies. Babywearing has had none of the ill effects I thought it would, and all of the positive effects I didn’t know it would. Call me crunchy, but Baby K has a seat, either in front or in back, until she stops wanting one.

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*happy babywearing*

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