A babywearing testament by Vanessa!

When my son Lincoln was born I knew that I wanted to carry him in a carrier as long as I could. So being new to the babywearing world I went out and bought a hotsling. I loved it until he was 3 months old then it became too painful to have him in the sling and so I sadly stopped carring my son and he went back to the carseat  for our outings.

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, Solei, I knew I wanted to try again so this time I choose a Moby wrap and that also worked until she was about 2 months old . Then I realized it wasn’t gonna work for chasing my son around. The Moby was good for breastfeeding, but it didn’t feel safe enough when I was chasing my 3 year old. So right before I went to Target to pick up a bjorn (YUCK) I decided to research some more because this time I was determined to wear my little one.   I found some blogs that mentioned PAXbaby for renting carriers. I was at first bummed that they didn’t have any Bjorns to rent then I started reading reviews and realized why the Bjorn wasn’t on Jillian’s website.  I loved how all the carriers were described with such detail, and  I  was so excited to be able to try out a carrier  to find the perfect one.

I rented the BECO Butterfly for 2 weeks and fell in LOVE !! Carrying 5 month old Solei and chasing Lincoln was a breeze !  I ordered the BECO butterfly and haven’t looked back I get lots of comments from strangers wondering what I am wearing and if it hurts . I love being able to tell them about the BECO! It truly is a shame that it isn’t carried by more mainstream department stores like Target and Babies R Us. I never would have known about this carrier if I hadn’t stumbled on Jillian’s website. Now I rave about my carrier and PAXbaby!!!  I want to share to the world how awesome it is to wear babies. Thank you, Jillian and BECO : )
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