PAXbaby babywearing blog funny babySometimes as a mom of small children, I just have to laugh at the antics that happen at my house!  Oh, how I would have loved to been a fly on the wall the time I slipped in a pile of baby poop while scrambling to get my naked ECing infant to the potty!  Needless to say, I threw out the furry slippers I had been wearing as I skidded out the door!

I truly believe that as parents of littlies, we laugh more and we allow our emotions to be closer to the surface than older parents or folks who haven’t had children!  Yes, that means our tempers are faster and we are more likely to shout (and feel badly later) but that also means that on a regular basis, we laugh until we cry, we hoot with giggles and even more when our kids ask us why, we HAVE to see the humor in the spilled milk, the forgotten shoes, the missing book!  Every day is an adventure, and with young kids, life is always a rollercoaster!  Live it, love it, savor the hilarious moments, and relish the tender ones, because our babies are growing up quickly, and this time of being an underslept, overworked, always loved, much needed parent will be over in a blink of your baby’s gorgeous eyes!  Hug your little one an extra time today, and spend a moment sniffing your baby’s yummy skin, noticing your littlie’s amazing ability to make you laugh, and salting each memory away for a time when you won’t have constant company in the bathroom or a sweaty paw always ready to hold yours!  Parents, these are the important moments, not the great seats at an On Ice production or the lavish gifts at Christmas – just the simple presence of your child in your life and you in theirs. (((hugs)))

Thanks to to the lovely Gina for providing me with a giggle or 2 or 3 toady!  Her pictures of her children are hysterically funny and priceless!  ENJOY!!!

PAXbaby babywearing baby

*Nayarit is wearing an Easycare Rainbow Ring Sling with her baby in a high back carry!  Way to go, lil babywearer!*

*happy babywearing*

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